Shelving made in our workshop

Our aim is that all our reclaimed timber is at least a third cheaper than its new wood counterparts. Due to the nature of some of the gems we find (old solid sapele or teak doors from a city centre site), sometimes it is difficult nigh on impossible to find a true valuation for it but we do our best to give our customers the best reasonable price while balancing that with covering our operation costs. 


Reclaimed scaffolding boards

We have a tough time of finding reclaimed scaff boards in the current climate. However, they are so versatile, our aim is always to have some in stock. We have seen cost prices rise significantly recently so please call in or give us a ring to find out the most current price. 

Popular dimensions

3"x2" and 4x2" are currently £2.05 /m and £2.30/m respectively. We often have posts and when we do, 3x3 are £2.50/m and 4x4 £4.30/m

Sheet material

We often have full and partial sheets of ply and OSB in various thicknesses. Typical prices for 8ft x 4ft are £20 for 12mm and £26 for 18mm but can vary depending on type of ply or quality. Smaller pieces are charged at a partial cost and just need measuring by a member of staff. 

Hardwoods and battens

Our hardwood pieces are often unique and are priced individually. The best way to shop these is to come along to browse our current stock and speak to a member of staff. 

Waney or live edge planks

We have a great selection of ready-seasoned waney edged boards, all unique with variance in character. We stock different thicknesses and widths but often they are 2.4metres long. They are priced individually. 

Pallets and pallet wood

We work closely with our volunteers to deconstruct pallets on a daily basis. Thanks to them, the pallet wood racking is usually well-stocked. £1/metre in various lengths, widths and thicknesses. Pallets are £5 each and we  most often stock 3 dimensions: 1200mm x1200mm, 1200mm x 1000mm and 1200mm x 800mm. 


We often have a good range of flooring ranging from oak laminated tongue and groove to small amounts of Victorian style floorboards. Prices start from £2/metre up to £7/metre for the old style boards between 16.5cm and 25.5cm. 

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