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We start our day off with the morning meeting to chat about the day ahead. Each volunteer is assigned a job which can include; being on the vans with our staff collecting wood from sites, sanding down scaff and building furniture in the workshop and de-nailing wood in the yard.  We always try to make sure each volunteer does a range of jobs to give them the best experience possible. We offer lunch from the brilliant Toot and Come in, or alternatively we can reimburse you if you would like something else. We also pay travel up to £6. 
We love to encourage volunteers to use their specific skill sets whilst volunteering. Our giant saw and mural on our building were both designed and created by a volunteer! Volunteering with us is social experience where you will get to meet people from all walks of life. There's never a dull day at BWRP! 

During your time volunteering, you can expect to gain knowledge and experience of woodworking and how to use a number of different tools. We will help you to build your confidence and enable you to take what you've learnt home with you!

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