Our cutting service is limited to simpler jobs such as cross cutting dimension timber and cross and rip cutting live edge timber. We are trialling a cut while you wait service but due to restrictions this isn't always possible. In this case, we will endeavour to carry out the cutting on Friday afternoons ready for Saturday pick up. We charge £5 for the first cut, then £1 per cut thereafter on cross cutting. £8 for rip cuts or cuts needing a rail saw set up, and £2 thereafter. 


If you are in need of anything a little more complicated such as angles, stencils, multiple cuts or planing, we may be able to offer a workshop service which is charged at £60/ hour that can accommodate this. With this service we can provide a short consultation on how is best to carry out your order. We recommend popping an email over to the workshop team so they can schedule this appropriately.

There are some things we are not able to cut such as MDF and chipboard.  Please ask a member of staff if in shop for more details.


  • Have you got dimensions (in millimetres)?

  • Have you called ahead to check stock levels? (recommended if your travelling from afar).

  • Have you left at least one weeks notice to have your cutting order completed?

  • Have you planned how to get your timber home/ in the car?

  • Do you need a delivery?


  • Ensure you have selected your wood in shop before your cutting order is placed.

  • Make sure the wood you have picked is safe to cut (nails, twisted, thickness and length).

  • Ensure you can comfortably get your cutting order from your timber (check your dimensions).

  • Ensure your cutting order is within the parameters of this service.