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Our aim at BWRP is that all our reclaimed timber is at least a third cheaper than its new wood counterparts. Reclaimed timber can be a labour of love but we feel that any way we can reduce the need t buy new and add to the waste stream is time well served! Due to the nature of some of the gems we find (old solid Sapele or teak doors from a city centre site), sometimes it is difficult nigh on impossible to find a true valuation for it. Alas, we do our best to give our customers the best reasonable price while balancing that with covering our operation costs. Below you can find our price list for the general items we tend to have in stock. Please note that occasionally there will be price differences on some of these items when in store. This is normally due to higher value stock coming in and the quality of stock. We endeavour to keep the website price list as up to date a possible. 

PRICE SHEET 01/04/24
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