made to measure planters and raised beds. Made from reclaimed scaffolding boards and dimension timber


Dedicated growing space for your flowers, shrubs, trees or vegetables. Our planters and raised beds are custom built to last from reclaimed scaffolding boards. The are unlined and untreated*. The bases are made from reclaimed pallet wood, with 4x2 softwood used as feet. Height will be set by the number of layers of scaffolding boards (~22cm each), plus ~5cm foot. 

*Customers are advised to line the units internally (plastic, hessian, anything to prevent the soil sitting directly against the timber) and treat externally (oil, varnish, wood preserver etc). 


Priced at £17.50 per linear metre of scaffold board used, with a minimum charge of £105 (whichever is greater).

Example costings: 

1.5m x 1m x 0.27m high (one board plus foot), will cost £105 (minimum charge).

1.8m x 0.4m x ~0.5m high (two boards plus foot), will cost £154 (8.8m total) 


Length greater than 1.9m are not available

Heights greater than 0.7m (three boards plus foot) are not available.