The workshop team


Our new workshop at William Street is twice as large as the old one on Cattle Market Road! We've expanded the team to three members who run the workshop collectively AND we are better equipped than ever to provide Bristol with a beautiful, bespoke, recycled-timber furniture service whilst enabling volunteers to train with a broad range of woodwork tools and machinery...phew, what a sentence!

We work mostly with reclaimed scaffold boards, pallet wood and construction industry timber waste such as joists, posts and sheeting. The stock in our yard changes daily and we're always happy to discuss how we could use it for domestic and larger commissions. We also now have the option to make a range of products such as table tops and shelves out of our sustainably sourced waney edged timbers. 

As our timber is reclaimed, the character we get in each board varies widely. This can include spits, knots, nail holes, paint and other markings. For this reason, we do have some terms and conditions we like to go through with you before placing an order to ensure we can meet your expectations. The workshop will have their own set of parameters they like to work from to make every product as beautiful and long lasting as possible so a cup of tea and a chat is always welcome when discussing orders. 

The BWRP workshop is always a hub of activity. Our staff strive to teach our volunteers the skills they need to create and build furniture from reclaimed timber, as well as giving them the confidence to start projects of their own. The work they do often involves a lot of planning and even some problem solving to work around the extra character and nature of reclaimed timber. We feel very lucky to be able to provide this safe and inclusive environment for our volunteers. Your continued custom is what enables us to keep this program going so we thank you!

If you're interested to see what we do, you are always welcome to pop into the shop for a look around and have a peek into the workshop itself!