Our waste timber collection service is available 5 days a week and collects from commercial and domestic construction sites, industrial units, workshops and residential sites. If you have waste timber, we’ll collect it.

We collect any timber

Working with volunteers

No fixed contracts

Transparent pricing

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cubic yard



£100 to £120*

for a van load of





* Excludes VAT

Our small, caged, 3.5 tonne vans make accessing and safely loading your left-over timber very easy and efficient. Our Collections team and inducted volunteers do all the heavy lifting with little disruption to your site.

There are no complex contracts to sign or fixed collection agreements, you just call off a collection when you need one. We offer this on an 30 day invoice basis or accept payment at the point of collection. We charge by volume and this is calculated at the point of collection making our pricing very open and transparent. At £17 per cubic yard*, we’re as competitive as waste collection comes and we guarantee the timber is handled in a way most respectful to our environment.

We charge £100 or £120, plus VAT, to collect a van load of pallets. If over 75% of the pallets are usable (ie, they can be processed in our yard and therefore avoid incurring a recycling processing fee) we charge £100, plus VAT, otherwise we charge £120, plus VAT. When booking a collection with us, we will try to let you know which price it will be, sending us pictures ahead of time will help in this regard.

Everything we collect is reused or recycled. Our dedicated volunteers de-nail and process anything that can be reused and this ‘waste’ is given a new lease of life in our Woodshop or used to make custom furniture in our Workshop. Anything we can’t reuse is sustainably recycled and used for heat reclamation at power stations, replacing coal for electricity production.

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