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Due to the smaller footprint of our new home, we sadly can no longer take any donated second hand furniture or tools. We are extremely grateful for all of the wonderful things that you have donated to us in the past so this is a decision was made with a heavy heart. We are however, conveniently situated just around the corner from the recycling centre! This means you can drop off your items to be recycled and then pop over to us to buy some wood for your next project!


We endeavour to take as much as we can for reuse and are in full support of Bristol Waste and all the fantastic work they do for our city and community. As well as running their recycling centres, they now have their Avonmouth reuse shop where anything you drop off at one of their recycling centres that can be reused will be there!  

We will still be taking timber donations of reusable timbers. Please note that anything we cannot reuse, we have to pay to recycle. Because of this, there isn't always a guarantee we can take everything you bring... but we will try!

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