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From the earliest times at BWRP, we had long contemplated how best to recycle the marginal material mainly collected from construction sites. I.e Its not highly valuable in
the shop and it’s too good to be sent to Avonmouth for chipping. For a long time this marginal wood was turned into firewood and
kindling in a process that was highly seasonal, was uninspiring for our volunteers and was also, ultimately, damaging to our beloved Bristol air.

The solution was “Shed Zone” which is a section within the organisation that specialises in low tech upcycling of this marginal material primarily (to date at least) focused on producing storage for recycling boxes and wheelie bins ,...or indeed a range of garden storage requirements. The Shed Zone concept has a number of guiding principles, ...

Recycling units being made


The products are almost entirely produced by BWRP volunteers who have the opportunity to learn the basic skills of woodworking, to see the fruits of their labour in a day and to experience the end to end nature of BWRP recycling. They might be collecting from the streets of Bristol in the morning and assembling a unit from that very wood in the afternoon.

Two volunteers working with power tools to put together a recycling unit wing


The products are built with two main aims. They must last and we must recycle the maximum amount of wood. Hence we build a very sturdy and rugged product. We aren't tempted to use the bare minimum of timber and don’t compromise the design for excess profit. We
want our volunteers to enjoy the day building a rock solid product that they can be rightly proud of.



We have a modular design system that means we create a small number of standardised “lego brick” components and from that we
produce a wide range of finished products. These are standardised products for sure but with a lot of options for you to choose from
Whether it be the highly desirable “living roof",.. the ‘fun to build’ barn doors or ‘take it home and build yourself’ flat pack version. So many options and configurations in fact that we think we could build over 150 units and still not build the same unit twice. 

A wall full of hand tools used in the workshop

THE STANDARD UNIT- £264 (£374 with doors)

825mm (depth)

1235mm (width/length)

1415mm (front height)

1370mm (rear height).

The roof is 1290mm by 885mm

Our standard unit is our most popular! It has space for one wheelie bin and 3 boxes, one of which can be a food caddy. You can choose which side you would like your shelves and we can also make this unit to fit two wheelie bins instead. 

Standard unit
standard unit with doors


1270mm (Width/length)

1430mm (Height) 

690mm (Depth)

Do you need storage for all your boxes, but don't have the space or access for  a standard unit? This one may be for you.

With two different access points, it's perfect for a tighter space or an unusually shaped/narrow garden. 


HALF HIGH - £204

550MM (depth)
1010mm (height)
1370mm (width/length)


The half high is perfect if you don't have a wheelie bin or have more than 3 recycling boxes. It's perfect for garden storage as well! Like our standard unit, this is also available in a flat pack version. It also has two shelves to ensure no water gets into your recycling boxes. 

Half height recycling unit
An image of a wooden log store with felt roof and open shelf

(£233 with d

825mm (depth)

560mm (width/length) - shelved unit 

720mm (width/length) wheelie bin unit

1415mm (front height)

1370mm (rear height)

The roof is 620mm x 885mm

Dimensions may vary on configuration

The single tower unit has two options. It can be for a wheelie bin, or for three boxes. This is a perfect add on if you need some extra space with the standard unit or have a small garden. 

single tower recycling unit
A photo of a tower recycling unit with a door attached

(£565 with doors)

This unit comes with free delivery and assembly 

825mm (depth)

1860mm (width/length)

1415mm (front height)

1370mm (rear height).

The roof is 1910mm by 885mm

We are now able to offer our triple unit once more! This allows storage space for two wheelie bins and three boxes! Due to the size and weight of this unit, we can only offer it as a flat pack.
Dimensions: 2010mm wide x 820mm depth x 1570mm high. Roof overhang is 50mm front and back and additional height of
green roof is 220mm.
Please either pop in for a chat or give us a call to find out more. We are also able to assemble this on site for an additional £15.

Photograph of a large, wooden recycling unit with 3 doors. Sitting on top of a transport cart.
Image of a large wooden recycling unit in situ


1360mm (Width/length)

620mm (Height) 

580mm (Depth)

In need of something a little smaller? Our low profile unit is great for one person households or as an add on to a larger unit. A green roof is a fabulous addition!



1960mm (Width/length)

1414mm (Height front) 

1370mm (Rear height)

825mm (Depth)

We now offer open front bike storage. These units are intended for cover rather than safe storage. We are currently working on a configuration with doors so please do enquire to find out more. 


We are now offering the perfect storage solution for anything garden related! With a similar spec to the recycle units, we have reinforced the floor shelf, optimised the design by sloping the roof frontwards for extra weather protection. The store comes in 4 different size options:

-500mm deep, 1500mm high  (£231)
-500mm deep, 1050mm high  (£204)
-885mm deep, 1500mm high  (£244)
-885mm deep, 1050mm high  (£231) 

All widths are 1420mm

Roof overhang is 50mm front and back. Green roof adds 220mm to the height.

Additional customisation:

Switch to green roof for plants/herbs £40
Add a door £55 (2 doors needed for full coverage.)

Photograph of a wooden garden store with 4 doors.


We have other items that we can make to you specifications, these include; potting tables, planters and cold frames. Please get in contact with us to find out more. 


We can take orders for units via email or phone. Or if you would prefer to pop in then we're happy to chat in person too! 

We can offer delivery which is charged at £35/hour. All we require is a 50% deposit for the unit upfront. We also offer assembly for our units if they are delivered as a flat pack 

Please note, we do not give out completion times due to this being a volunteer led project. On average, the units take around 4-6 weeks to complete but this depends on how busy we are. 


Shedzone units
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