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Shedzone is a small area within the Bristol Wood Recycling Project that specialises in taking waste or marginal wood, which would otherwise be destined for landfill, and creates an innovative range of small sheds for your recycling bins. We have now also introduced a similar principle to create log storage. The team is composed entirely of volunteers from the local community who have come together to develop their woodworking skills whilst also supporting the “Clean Streets” programme championed by Bristol Waste and the local council. 



The design prioritises modularity and durability and emphasises where possible the development of core woodworking skills for the Project volunteers, whilst the use of raw material collected from the streets of Bristol ensures that prices are highly competitive with other available solutions. A number of our volunteers are now competent in the making and building of these products and join us every week to help us fulfil our many orders!


£240 (£340 with doors)

Our standard unit is our most popular! It has space for one wheelie bin and 3 boxes, one of which can be a food caddy. You can choose which side you would like your shelves and we can also make this unit to fit two wheelie bins instead. 

Half height recycling unit
Half height unit.png

£162 (£212 with doors)

The single tower unit has two options. It can be for a wheelie bin, or for three boxes. This is a perfect add on if you need some extra space with the standard unit or have a small garden. 

Shedzone triple unit
Standard with open doors.jpg
2 deep log store_edited.jpg


We can take orders for units via email or phone. Or if you would prefer to pop in then we're happy to chat in person too! 
We can offer delivery which is charged at £35/hour. All we require is a 50% deposit for the unit upfront. 

Please note, we do not give out completion times due to this being a volunteer led project. Normally, the units take around 3/4 weeks to complete but this depends on how busy we are. Click on the link below to email over to the shop to place your order today!


Recycling units being made


Over the last couple of years, the Shedzone team have developed the making of these units into a modular system using a number of different jigs and templates. The modular design means that components and sub assemblies can be swapped out at any time, meaning that the shed is effectively repairable “for life”. Moreover the modularity also enables the same production process to be used for production of a range of shed types depending upon your needs and each of these can be delivered complete or bought as a transportable, self assembly flat pack. If you fancy a weekend project the team will also supply just the raw material and the design files (CAD) and you can do your own thing. 






Since starting the Shedzone project, we can now offer 3 different sized units. There is a small level of customisation, however as these units are modular there are certain criteria we cannot change. We sadly therefore cannot offer custom widths and heights as yet. 

As we deal in  reclaimed timber, there will be a slight marginal variation in the dimension from unit to unit (1-5mm). Please take this into consideration if you are working with a tight space! All of our units can be ordered in a flat pack version if you have access issues or would like to transport it home yourself. 


standard recycling unit ready for transi
Standard Two Bay Shed Dimensions-page-00

£185 (£285 with doors)

The half high is perfect if you don't have a wheelie bin or have more than 3 recycling boxes. It's perfect for garden storage as well! Like our standard unit, this is also available in a flat pack version. It also has two shelves to ensure no water gets into your recycling boxes. 

single tower recycling unit
Single tower unit dimensions

£305 (£455 with doors)

We are now able to offer our triple unit once more! This allows storage space for two wheelie bins and three boxes! Due to the size of this unit, we recommend delivery, or ordering in a flat pack version which can easily be assembled at home. Delivery for this item will need to be planned with our team as the units cannot be lifted over walls etc. Dimensions: 2010mm wide x 820mm depth x 1570mm high. Roof overhang is 50mm front and back and additional height of
green roof is 220mm.
Please either pop in for a chat or give us a call to find out more. 


We are now offering the perfect storage solution for anything garden related! With a similar spec to the recycle units, we have reinforced the floor shelf, optimised the design by sloping the roof frontwards for extra weather protection. The store comes in 4 different size options:

500mm deep, 1500mm high  (£210)

500mm deep, 1050mm high  (£185)

800mm deep, 1500mm high  (£222)

800mm deep, 1050mm high  (£210) 

All widths are 1420mm

Roof overhang is 50mm front and back. Green roof adds 220mm to the height.

Additional customisation:

Switch to green roof for plants/herbs £20

Add a door £50 (2 doors needed for full coverage.)

Shedzone units


Standard with open doors_edited
Standard with open doors_edited

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standard with doors green roof_edited
standard with doors green roof_edited

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Shedzone units
Shedzone units

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Standard with open doors_edited
Standard with open doors_edited

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